The Vaughan Show | 5/7/19 – 6/10/19

Vaughan Larsen is a fine artist in Milwaukee in the undergraduate photography program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His work is often performative and addresses identity, relationships, and human connection. Exhibited nationally, he has been awarded the 2017-2018 Joy of Giving Fellowship from Imagining America/ White House Millennium Council. We will be showcasing his Self Portrait series and closing with a reception prior to the Pride parade that strolls right in front of the gallery. These photographs present Vaughan in public viewed by strangers. By capturing these quick glances, he is collaborating with a stranger recording their true initial reaction to his presence; potentially showing a glimpse of the collective mindset of the community leaking through an individual. Since he doesn’t know what these people are thinking, he allows the viewer to interpret the glances for themselves. Identifying as gender queer, his photographs are a way for him to place the audience in his shoes. As he continues to reflect on the strangers a sense of empathy grows within him, which we hope resonates with the viewer as well.Several other festivities over that weekend TBA. Preview more at

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